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Hello Everyone,
I have such a response to my post on my other blog. I have heard from so many women who have had similar experiences-to a greater or lesser extent. With every women I come in contact with I am amazed at how many of us are out there.
Starting this blog was suggested to me and after thinking about it, I think it is needed. A single place where we can all share our stories. Share our problems. Let each other know what is working for us, and then one day help the medical community find the answer to why and hopefully help.
As I receive stories, updates, and info that I find or are given I will post them here. If you have anything to share you can email me at judeebeeforme@yahoo.com
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

6 months into nursing my twins

My twins are now 6 months old. We've been nursing the whole time. For the first three months of their birth I was taking 1/2 a dose of Zyrtec daily. If I missed a dose or two it took about 24 hours and then I would brake out with a few hives. I didn't let it go any further than that and I would take the Zyrtec quickly. About 3 months ago I noticed that if I missed a dose it was almost 48 hours before my skin would get so itchy that I couldn't take it anymore, but no hives. My skin would get splotchy -a precursor to any of my hives forming. I started waiting to see how long I could possibly prolong my next dose of Zyrtec. I am now to about once a week taking the dose. It hasn't been as life horrifying this time around. I don't know why. Maybe my body is more adjusted this time to the nursing or post delivery hormones. Maybe there is something to the notion that its worse with boys than with girls. Maybe there is more of an environmental factor than I thought and its not a factor this time. Or maybe with all the other stress in my life God is just giving me a break this time around. Whatever the reason I am grateful.
My allergist said that I should try to take as little and as seldom of a dose as possible because your body will start building tolerances and it will require larger doses to have the same effect on you.
I am so thank for all of you're comments out there. I hope that all ya'll find as much comfort in knowing that we are not alone in our struggles and that we're aren't crazy as some out there want us to think we are.
good luck to all of you.
As my journey continues I'll update my progress.


  1. Arizona girl did u try the dandelion root or nettle tea??

    Thanks for ur vey helpful blog!

  2. No I did not. I tried a number of oils and lotions given to me by the natural healing community- with no success. In the end the only thing that has worked for me has been the zyrtec.

  3. Because everywhere I read, the dandelion root seems to hav a great healing effect. Let us know PLZ if u do try it. Thanks :)

  4. I am suffering terribly from postpartum hives. However I do not breastfeed sadly because I have RSD and require meds. I've found tons of women online with hives after c sections like mine who also are not breastfeeding, women with vaginal births too. So what is the commonality? Why are dr's clueless to this when one google search brought woman after woman suffering like me. Mine are mostly legs, wrist and elbows, but itch so bad I've scratched skin off. Nothing works. Mine look like others pictures too. I've heard dr's suggest allergies to their partners DNA when tissue is coming out after birth. Hormone allergies, allergies to the extra female hormones when having a girl, but women with boys have them too. All I know is it hurts to hold my precious baby who is now 7 weeks and I'm miserable!!!!