Purpose of this blog

Hello Everyone,
I have such a response to my post on my other blog. I have heard from so many women who have had similar experiences-to a greater or lesser extent. With every women I come in contact with I am amazed at how many of us are out there.
Starting this blog was suggested to me and after thinking about it, I think it is needed. A single place where we can all share our stories. Share our problems. Let each other know what is working for us, and then one day help the medical community find the answer to why and hopefully help.
As I receive stories, updates, and info that I find or are given I will post them here. If you have anything to share you can email me at judeebeeforme@yahoo.com
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Hives are Back

So on Tues I had a small breakout of hives, on my knees and elbows. Now I don't know how random or unrelated to my postpartum hives. The truth is I'm 11 weeks pregnant, so there is a possibility its related.
The hives went away on their own, I didn't take anything since I'm not quite out of the first trimester. It 
really scared me when they first showed up. Can I do this? Am I going to suffer my whole pregnancy and nursing  time with hives? Not good stuff. Well they stayed for about 2 hours and then went away on their own, never got worse than just a few on each knee. 
Since then, (at this point Tues, Wed, Thurs) I've had hives, just localized to those joints. Each time they didn't last longer than a couple of hours.
I spoke to my OB. She is a new OB from my last pregnancy. I've gone throw 2 others in the mean time, that's a whole different story. This OB is wonderful, she listens and answers my questions and doesn't act like I'm an idiot. I told her about my postpartum hives and my hives now. She asked if I had PUPS during my first pregnancy- no is the answer. After listing to me and asking a few questions she express that she doesn't think these hives are PUPS or are caused by the same thing as my postpartum hives. She thinks its stress from watching children and being so sick all the time. She said we'll see how it progresses and just keep notes on it. Also she mentioned that if it gets bad I can start taking Benadryl right now (suggested I might want to take it before going to bed at night to help my sleep and since the breakouts have been in the morning). And then after next week she said I can go back on Clariton or the Zyrtec. 
I'll keep ya'll posted.